DIY: Make your own travel make-up carry-all-sack

One major concern that I usually have while travelling is the space that my vanity-box usually occupies. But most of the times I cannot really help it. Leaving behind any make-up item, leave alone the whole box is never an option. Travel pouches also get really messy. Once I spoiled most of my things in one such travel pouche as my foundation bottle broke. 😦

So I racked my brains and came up with this ingenious (or so I thought) travel make-up carry-all sack. It has individual compartments for each and every make-up item and thus keeps my make-up organized even while I’m travelling.

Things you Need:

  • Long rectangular cloth
  • Thread and needle
  • Long girdle







Now roll it from left to right and tie the girdle tightly. You can pin a brooch or a showy safety pin as shown to keep the lower half in place.


And the carry-all-make up sack is ready! I cannot stop “yayying” at this creative outcome (*raises collar*). I am going to college tonight and I’m totally excited to carry this!

Do try this out if you own a huge crate full of make-up you can’t do without wherever you travel. Post your comments and let me know more about how you carry your make-up when you travel. Till then keep it stylish.

Loads of love!


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