My love for lace

I have always equated lace with “subtle” and “romantic”. Being the quintessential Venus-ruled Libran I am, my love for anything that has a hint of lace does not come as a big surprise. Last evening, the spell of rain in Kolkata simply added to the romantic effect. For most of us, Sunday means a day of family bonding and even better, family outings. Yesterday happened to be one such day. Well, the initial plan was to go gobbling on Pav Bhaji ( An Indian delicacy consisting of buns and spicy mixed vegetable) at Princep Ghat. But thanks to the sudden spell of rain, we ended up driving through the whole city listening to Neil Diamond oblivious of the storm outside. The rain did not spoil our day of course, because we took care of our Pav Bhaji cravings in South City Mall at last, fighting for chairs (that’s a different story altogether).



Coming to my outfit, this top was a purely random pick. This is a very old gift by one of my aunts. I love the lace overlay and this is what makes it one of my favorites. I believe blue denims never go wrong with white and hence I teamed it with my favorite pair of Levis.


Summarizing my look, I’m wearing:

  • White top with lace overlay: Some Italian Brand
  • Blue Jeans: Levis
  • Wedges: Bata
  • Sling Bag: Gangtok
  • Silver hoops: Gariahat

Do share your looks with lace. I’d love to read your comments. Till then, keep it stylish.



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