DIY: Glitzy Nail Art

Here I am with an all new DIY nails. I spent one whole afternoon trying to get this right. More than the nail art, getting the perfect nail picture did take up a lot of my effort. I have always had this big thing for everything that shouts BLING. I believe the best way to go bling without shouting for too much attention is to go for nail art. I am not much of an expert but I tried my best to get this perfect, but being the messy, clumsy girl I am, I got it slightly messed by the time I got the pictures right.


Things you’ll need:

  • Nail paint of any bright color of your choice
  • Glitter jewels

These nails are absolutely easy to make. You can obtain these nails in two easy steps:

  1. Apply a generous amount of nail paint on your nails.
  2. While the enamel is wet, sprinkle the glitter jewels on them in any color scheme you wish.

It is advised to go one nail at a time, i.e. rather than applying nail paint on all nails and then sprinkling glitter, it’s better to paint each nail and follow it up with glitter before moving onto the next.


These nails look even better when properly manicured. Sadly I was suddenly struck with this idea, so I could not resist trying them out on my badly chewed nails. I’m sure you all would do a much neater and better job than what I have done here.

Do try out this nail art and let me know how you liked it. For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish.

Love you all.


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