Color Block: Green and Yellow

Born and brought up in Kolkata and yet each time I step out of the Park Street subway and walk through the streets, the thrill and excitement simply remains unchanged. So today witnessed one such exciting trip to Park Street. I was to visit this super quirky store called F bloc. The whole idea of spending time in a store showcasing fake blood, crazy graphic tees, Marvel comic posters, glow-in-the-dark tees, popped up eyes and many other stuff urged me to wear my crazy side.

Yellow being my recent obsession, I wanted to go color-block teaming it with green. After trying out a dozen of green and yellow combinations, I finally zeroed down to an over-sized tee-shirt in green with blue denims and stuck to yellow accessories.






The tee shirt is a handicrafts fair buy. You can read more about the handicrafts fair stuff here. It’s a rare occasion when I ditch heels and wear Converse. So I could not resist clicking the quintessential shoe-pic.



The photo-credits go to my dear friend Shiladitya Chatterjee. I must say he went through a lot of trouble clicking them (including getting crow-shit on himself). Well I must say he is trying very hard to convince me that he deserves to buy a professional camera. Although I think he did quite a good job with the pictures, I’ll pretend not to be quite convinced yet!! (*Wink Wink*).

To summarize my look, I’m wearing:

  • Tee-shirt: A handicrafts fair buy
  • Blue denims: Levis
  • Green shoes: Converse
  • Wooden bangles: Gariahat
  • Yellow bag: New Market

I’ll write a post on my F-block buy soon. Till then keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments.

Lots of love..


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