Coz’ dressing Indian on an Indian Beach is FUN!

My family has a record of going on the craziest vacations in the shortest notice that ultimately results in huge fun. Well, last weekend I went to Puri, Orissa for a day. The main purpose of visiting this beautiful beach beside the Bay of Bengal was to offer “puja” at the famous Jagannath Dham. Now Puri during the month of May gets unbearably hot. The sand gets so heated up during the day that even the slightest contact of skin with the sand caused burns. Nevertheless, the sea with its mighty huge waves crashing on the shores was one beautiful sight.


Coming to my outfit, I hated the idea of getting sunburns again, so I ditched my “beach clothes” and stuck to something that covered me up completely (including my face). Moreover, the temple visit urged me to opt for an Indian wear. Also, the crowd was pretty conservative and hence beach clothes wasn’t too good an idea. I wanted to keep the Orissa essence intact and hence put on a “Temple Print” kurti, a work typically belonging to Cuttack, Orissa.


The whole point of the veil was to keep my face shaded from the sun. Remember my rigorous anti-tanning regime? The black bindi, a recent obsession was something I was more than excited to wear. All in all, the idea of donning Indian wear in a beach and trying to not get tanned was pretty funny and interesting.

Check out these pictures, showing a desperate attempt to pose in the blazing sun.




To summarize my look, I’m wearing:

  • Kurti: Westside
  • Leggings: Gariahat
  • Stole: Gariahat
  • Footwear: Catwalk
  • Bag: New Market
  • Bangles: Gariahat

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that my skin did not get any more tanned. Till then, keep commenting and stay stylish.


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