Of blues and whites and all things nice

It was yet another bright and sunny morning and yes it was May Day! Not that the holiday really made any difference since I’ve been chilling since a long time. So a day off work (for Daddy) meant paying my grandparents a visit. The bright blue skies and the puffy white clouds more than inspired me to go for the classic blue and white combination.

The sweltering heat makes it impossible to go for anything except cotton. A cotton kurta teamed with leggings were my pick of the day. This kurta, a hand-me-down by my mother is another pick from Gariahat.



P.S: I’m wearing flats!! The only reason I wore them is because they were the only pair of shoes which matched the blue of my outfit. But yeah, wearing flats for a change did not seem too bad an idea.

I’m wearing:

  • Cotton kurta: Gariahat
  • White leggings: Big Bazaar
  • Blue sandals: Metro Plaza
  • Shaded: Emami Shopping Centre
  • Bag: Leather factory outlet
  • Bangles: Gariahat

For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments.


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