My favorite blogger of the month

Eight months back, when I got into this whole new beautiful world of blogging, I had just one vision, change the world’s outlook on over-sized women. With great enthusiasm, I started off  with articles like “Fashion for the little larger”, “Illusive Dressing” and many more. With every article, my zeal grew ten-folds, especially with the ever increasing viewer-traffic. I got to be friends with other bloggers all around the world. But it rarely happened that I could connect with a blogger like it serves the same purpose as me, until very recently.

I came across Debiparna through some mutual friends from school. She is a very popular blogger based in Kolkata. Her blog, Flysongbird is about her super-awesome personal style, lifestyle and fashion. Her articles on body-acceptance are a huge personal inspiration. A brilliant writer, photographer and fashionista, this girl truly knows how to carry herself perfectly and oozes confidence and style, thus reflecting it on her blog to the fullest.

Here is a picture of her (which I downloaded from her Facebook profile) and her blog.




Do check out her blog here.

Till then, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish.




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