Beige + Floral…My summer pick

Floral prints are a huge rage this summer. With the mercury levels soaring higher and higher, these prints tend to have a soothing effect. This over-sized floral shirt was lying in my closet since long and so I randomly decided to wear it for the ultimate “floral” effect. Since it gets extremely humid, jeans become a next-to-impossible thing for me. So I decided to team it with this pair of beige cotton trousers.



I wasn’t too confident about the tucked-in shirt since I don’t have a thin waist. But I realized, it actually looks good when you take out the major part of your shirt with a tiny bit tucked inside. This camouflages the not-so-thin part of your waist.



To summarize my entire look, I’m wearing:

  • Floral shirt: Westside
  • Beige trousers: DJ&C, Big Bazaar
  • Sunglasses: Emami Shopping Centre
  • Sling Bag: A leather factory outlet
  • Wedge heels: Bata

Do share your “floral” styles this summer. Till then, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish.



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