Long + Floral = Summer perfect!

Here I am with another one of my dear Mommy’s designs. She made this for me last summer and happens to be one of my favorites in my closet.


This dress has been created using a long maxi skirt. I bought the skirt from Gariahat (Again!).For those who want the exact location, I found this on a street shop on the Basanti Debi College side of Gariahat. They have skirts (mostly floral) of varying lengths. Right from super long ones, like this, to medium lengths and even shorts skirts.

Given my short height, pulling the skirt up did not make much of a difference length-wise. So, i pulled up the skirt right up to my chest. Next, my mum stitched some pretty white lace on the top, along with the elastic. To get this right, pull the elastic and then sew.



Now, since this creates a perfect long tube dress, I camouflaged my arms with a pink shrug. Another buy from Gariahat, near Hindustan Park. A blog on the Gariahat shopping guide coming up soon :).

To accessorize, I wore a beaded pink neck-piece which I picked from Sarojini Market, Delhi.

Style Summary:

  • Dress: Created from a skirt, Gariahat
  • Shrug: Gariahat
  • Neck piece: Sarojini Market, New Delhi

Do tell me more about your fashion experiments. Till then, keep smiling and stay stylish. XOXO

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