Frills and black

Coming to the third and final (well, for now at least) post on the little glam doll, I have one of my favorite looks for her. This dress is a hand-her-down from me which I bought from New Market, Kolkata almost 5 years back.



When she wore this dress I actually realized how beautiful it was. The asymmetric frills gives anyone wearing it a very pixie-ish feeling.



Photographing this beautiful model was truly great fun. Apart from the fact that she is my baby sister and I can practically boss over her (which I seldom do), she came up with instant poses that made the whole shoot short and easy.

To summarize her entire look, she is wearing:

  • Dress: New Market Kolkata
  • Shoes: Catwalk

Accessories: A gorgeous smile and a super awesome attitude.

Do share your favorite looks for the summer. You can like my facebook page Dialifestyle or follow me on Bloglovin.

Stat stylish and have a great day ahead!

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