Bright, Lacy, Red and beautiful!

Hello people. Hope you’re doing great. I’m back with a whole new post along with a whole new model. She is none other than my baby sister. Ooops..”baby” was just a slip of tongue as I have been calling her that for like forever. Reality is she has turned into a beautiful young lady.

Well, a poser that she has always been, she was totally excited to pose for my blog and thus an entire morning was spent dressing her up (a delight given her pretty face and amazing body) and going “click click click”. I turned into a fashion photographer with a not-so-great camera.



Coming to the dress, I gifted this to her from Gangtok. I fell in love with the color teamed with the lace and pearl detailing in white. You can know the nooks and corners of the Gangtok shopping scene here.



So this summer, get your dresses higher and higher. Keep looking out for more looks on my style diva. Till then keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish.

P.S.: This is my 40th post and my blog visitors keep increasing everyday. A big big thanks to my darling readers!! Keep reading and keep commenting!



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