Printed Trousers: Comfortably Stylish

I’m just back from an awesome weekend trip to the Mandarmani Beach. Its one of the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. The best part, you can actually drive along the Bay of Bengal and at times through it.


Now coming to the fashion front. When we talk of beaches. beautiful bikinis and shorts are the first style options that generally come to our minds. But sadly with my body type, I dare not move around a beach in those. So I decided to go for something that is “Beachy” and flatters my body.

Cotton pants are the most comfortable in Summer and when it comes in pretty prints it totally gives out the beach essence. I teamed it with a black sleeveless scoop neck tee shirt and a black shrug. This tones down the look putting the greatest emphasis on the trousers.



To add on to the beach effect I put on Shell jewelry on my hands and a bright pair of orange slippers.



For the final touch keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do share your beach style fundas with us.

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