Summer Whites

It’s pretty much the time of the year when even the mere thought of going out during the day brings about groans and excuses to stay indoors. The blazing tropical sun smiling or rather laughing at us is definitely not a very nice feeling. All that we end up in after spending a day outdoors….sweaty clothes sticking to our stinky bodies…not a nice feeling again!

Well, complains aren’t all that I have today. To really beat the summer heat, it’s essential that you are dressed appropriately. Now, coming to summer dressing, pristine crisp white dresses have always been my first choice for the day. Cottons should always be a preferred choice during summers. The color white reflects light and hence keeps you cool in this weather.

Now it’s easy to get a basic white dress. But you can totally experiment and create entirely different looks with just a single dress.



In the first look, the strappy white dress is teamed with a ruffled shrug inside. The second look has a pop of color by teaming the dress with a pink summer jacket. In the third look, the dress has been used as a tunic with a sleeveless tee shirt inside.



Like I always say, fashion is entirely based on how creative your imagination is. Get yourself a white dress and start experimenting this summer.

Till then, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

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