Fashionable Fringes

Long hair has always been known for its versatility and ease of style. Have you ever wondered whether short hair could produce equally distinct looks? Not to mention the style factor of each of the looks.

My mother prefers maintaining her hair short as she finds it way easier to maintain. Being the style diva that she is, a single staple look is not quite her thing. So I suggested her fringes. These are a few looks that you could have with fringes.

1. Clean Swept:

2013-01-03 21.58

The hair is just casually brushed back-wards. If the fringes are too short, it could be secured using bobby pins.

2. Front Fringes:

2013-01-03 21.57

This look is apt for parties. Accessorize with danglers and you’ll be all set to burn the dance floor!

3. Side Parted Fringes:

2013-01-03 21.56

This look happens to be my personal favorite. It is the same look above with the fringes swept side-ways.

4. Puff and Fringe:

2013-01-03 22.02

This one is the most stylist of all looks. Puff your hair at the back and clutch it with a clutch clip. Take out a few fringes in front.

These are just a few looks that I have shown. But this is not just it. You could let your imagination go wild and experiment with your fringes.

For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

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