Craftily fashionable

It has always been conceived that fashion exists in big stores, commonly high on stylish streets and other fashion hubs. But, have you thought of fashion in the remotest of the villages?

Quite unlikely, fashion does exist in the places quite unsought after. Fashion is nothing but an individual perception of creativity and style. Talking of creativity, I consider myself truly lucky to be born in a state carrying the finest forms of craftsmanship, West Bengal. I visited the West Bengal Handicrafts Fair and was left mesmerized seeing the sheer craftsmanship of the extremely talented villagers.

Fashion with Art:

The “Pata Shilpo” artists belong to the western part of the Medinipore district of Bengal. Almost the entire village is engaged in this form of art. Different folk-stories are told in the form of art. These beautiful paintings have been fused with fashion. These t-shirts make a great casual statement in an Indian way.1



Fashion with Jute:

I never knew jute could be so stylish till I saw these. These jute artists hail from the Murshidabad district of West Bengal. Experts in making bags, shoes and hats, these villagers do a great job in creating mind boggling accessories.




Fashion with Cane:

The hats and bags woven out of cane or Murta plants, locally known as “Pati” make a huge fashion statement. This work originally belongs to the North Bengal district of Coochbehar. These have a vintage touch to them and look elegant with almost any kind of western outfit.



Fashion with Straw and Grains:

These hats are woven out of straw. These belong to the Purulia district of West Bengal. They are extremely chic. The most unusual thing I saw in this fair was jewelry made of grains. The sheer intricacy in their design was remarkable.



Fashion can cross any horizon. It has no limit, no boundary. Fashion is an individual interpretation of art and that makes it individually unique and distinct.

For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.


  1. […] Ahh December! I waited for you so long. The cool breeze and the nip in the air, the early morning chill and the festive atmosphere. To add to the thrill, starts the fairs in the City of Joy, starting with the Handicrafts Fair (22nd November to 15th December). This fair, held at the Milan Mela Grounds, opposite Science City, brings together all the artisans of West Bengal portraying and selling their out of the world, beautiful pieces of talent (Read about my last year’s experience here). […]


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