Shopping in Gangtok

Shopaholics like me strongly believe:

“Those who say money cannot buy happiness, do not know where to shop.”

Well, I’m sure many of my readers would agree to this. The big question is, do we all actually know the nooks and corners of the style hubs? It may not be quite a big deal to know them all in your own city. But it is not possible to know every style corner in each and every part of the world.

I truly consider myself lucky to be a part of one of the most stylish and beautiful places ever, Sikkim. Mesmerizing tourists through the years, this place has evolved continuously into a big style hub. So when you are visiting Sikkim, you have more on your to-do list than just sight-seeing!

The state capital, Gangtok, has amazing places to shop from, at unimaginable prices.

These are some the places you must visit during your shopping spree.

The MG Marg has more to it than just Curio shops and Restaurants. If you look around carefully, you’ll find fashion stores which are absolutely irresistible.

Girlfriends is one store you must never miss. True to its name, this place promises to become your best girlfriend the moment you step inside. Located above Bank of Baroda, MG Marg, this store has a great collection of clothes, shoes and bags. If you are lucky enough, you might get some amazing deals on them. The last time I visited, there was a “50% off sale” and I managed to get an animal-prints bag for just Rs645.

Mimani’s is my personal favorite when it comes to buying lingerie and night-wear. It has beautiful lingerie within the range Rs 50 to Rs1500. It also has a good collection of clothes.

When it comes to buying shoes, nothing can beat Heels ‘n’ Toes. Stilettos, Wedges, Pumps, Bellies…just name it, and you’ll find variety here. The shoes come within a Rs1500 and less, the most common price being Rs875!

This store, Pink, is in Nam Nang Road, a 2 minutes walk from MG Marg. It has brands like Forever21, Dior and Victoria Secret. The stuff is priced a little more than the other stores, but the collection is unmatched.

Kanchenjunga Shopping Plaza is a must visit if you are looking for some really low prices.

The ground floor consist of the vegetable market, do not be baffled by it. Just go up the stairs and you’ll find countless shops of clothes, bags, shoes and lingerie. The best part, you can bargain to your heart’s content.

Other stores in Gangtok include Style Check, Zipper and Virgo.

So the next time you visit Gangtok, make sure you carry an extra bag to bring home all the stuff that you are going to buy.

For that final touch keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.


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