Dhoti pants: the next in thing

Dhotis, for long has been associated with Indian fashion. Commonly worn by men, it is a long piece of cloth draped in the form of trousers. The dhoti-style of draping sarees have been traditionally common among women of Maharashtra and southern India.

This season, the whole concept of Dhotis has been revamped into these extremely comfortable pair of trousers. These come in different colors and prints. They are mostly of pure cotton, thus making it even more comfortably chic for regular wear. So ladies, if being comfortable yet stylish defines you, this is your thing.


Where to get them?

You can buy these at Pantaloons priced Rs699. Another great option would be the Gariahat footpath. You can get these at Rs150 and would find a great variety, right from monochromes to printed ones. The one I bought was at Hindustan Park, a little towards Gariahat from Golpark.

Wear these with simple one-colored tees or plain short kurtas. These look great for regular college wear. Team the look with a sling bag or a plain messenger bag.

And for the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.


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