Casually Dressy

We all love wearing dresses don’t we? But quite often many of us cannot really connect ourselves with those typically girly frills or laces. Well, dresses need not always be equated with floral or lacey. With the proper choice of your dress, you could be as casual as you want while walking around dressily pretty.


Look 1:

My roomie has a great sense of fashion. She is not someone you would call typically girly, adorned with “pink frills”. She knows how to perfectly incorporate a casual element in her dressy attire. This navy blue dress from Westside accentuates her best assets perfectly, especially her super-toned legs. This dress gives a “sailor woman” feel in a very sexy way. This dress comes along with pockets, thus enhancing its casual essence.

Casually Blue


This kind of dress could be accessorized with a sling bag or a messenger bag. Make sure, the bag you carry is not too embellished. For the jewellery, keep it simple. Plain silver hoops would go perfectly.


These beige gladiators from Catwalk complement the look, more than perfectly.

The perfectly matched gladiators


Look 2:

My friend Pooja is someone you would term casual and sporty, with a mélange of “girliness”. This element of her character can be rightly reflected from her dress. The striped dress from Wills Lifestyle gives a summery feel, simultaneously extracting her sporty nature. It’s a dressy modification of the classic tennis dress and the horizontal stripes accentuate her thin frame perfectly.

Perfectly striped


 A plain red tote bag is all that’s needed to complement the dress. You can get these in any of the street shops, especially in New Market, Kolkata


This pair of pink Belle shoes perfect the look.

Perfectly accessorized


And for the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on, and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.

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