Illusive Dressing

Let’s face it…not all of us are blessed with the perfect hourglass body and those Naomi Campbell legs which go on forever.

But is there a way to make our not-so-perfect body seem perfect?

The answer is YES!


Ladies, your best friend in that case would be stripes. Stripes could be your best friend or your worst enemy, depending on how you wear them.

What you need is a sound knowledge of the concept of “optical illusion”.

Does that remind you of your Physics teacher?

Well, trust me its way more fun than your boring Physics lecture.


Let’s try this.

Look at the four boxes below. Which looks thinner and longer?

Which is thinner and longer?


The vertical striped boxes right?


All of them are of the same size! It’s purely an optical illusion.


This is the very concept that we are going to apply to our dressing.

Vertical’s the way to go


The basic rule that we need to keep in mind-

Vertical stripes give an impression of being thinner and taller.

Horizontal stripes give an impression of being shorter and broader.

Incorporate optical illusion in your wardrobe!


To make short legs look longer, go for thin vertical-striped trousers. Vertical stripes work wonders in narrowing down your frame resulting in a tall and slender body.


But does that mean you could never wear horizontal stripes?

Of course you can. But you should be very careful in choosing the width of your stripes. Narrow stripes take the focus away from the horizontal stripes and give a vertical illusion.

Horizontal stripes


Fashion Alert:

Stay away from widely spaced stripes. They tend to accentuate the body width.Similarly, try to avoid vertical stripes that are either too wide or are widely spaced. It may result in an adverse effect.


As I always say, everyone can look perfect, provided they stick to the fashion rules. Fashion if properly conceptualized has the ability to turn a Plain Jane into a Glam Queen, ‘coz I believe, fashion is ruled by all of us, irrespective of  body type.


For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.





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