Let your hair down: in style

After a super hectic week, what is it keeps you going till the end? I’m sure all of you would unanimously agree with me- it’s the “Party night”. It’s all about working hard throughout the week and partying harder in the weekend.

In the midst of all the excitement, your mind keeps buzzing,

“What do I wear?”

Then you decide to go shopping and try out a few amazing clothes which look even better on the mannequins. You imagine yourself to be one of those and soon enough reality sets in and you sigh,

“Most of these clothes make me look fat!”

Trust me this is totally me and I’m sure many of my readers would relate to it.

The only solution to this is to stop following trends blindly. Mannequins and models and a lucky few are pure exceptions to the real world.

Rather, create your own style. Wear what flaunt your best assets.

On this regard, I could not resist myself from sharing my bestie, Ankita Biswas’ fashion statement right before a party at Dublin, Chennai.

All set to party
All set to party

The Ensemble:

Ankita is not someone who you would term “skinny” or even close. But she definitely knows her best assets. Apart from a beautiful face and great height, she has a pair of long and sexy legs. She decided to play it safe and stuck to a plain black spaghetti strapped tee from Ginger. She paired it up with metallic shorts from Forever New. These short have a slight shimmer to it which keeps up the glam

Black tee and metallic shorts
Black tee and metallic shorts


Fashion Alert:

If bare shoulders are not thing, then wear a pair of black shorts and break the monotone with a shimmery metallic shrug. Be careful about the length of you shorts. If you have heavier thighs, keep the length to an inch or two above your knees.


Add bling to your ensemble with a chunky neckpiece. I love whatever Ankita is wearing. You could shop for these in your local junk jewellery shop. You get a whole lot of variety right from butterflies to owls. These generally come in silver or copper.


A pair of belle-pumps complete the look. You could opt for wedges too if you like standing tall.

For the final touch, keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do leave your comments and suggestions.


  1. […] When I think of  really long legs, gorgeous curls and one awesome company, the one name striking to me would undoubtedly be – Ankita Biswas. A bestie since the last six years, she was one of the first persons to be featured on my blog. (Read the post here). […]


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