Sunglasses: who said they don’t suit you

A beautiful girl passes by in a gorgeous pair of sunglasses, making heads turn. You get inspired and walk into a store to check out the sunglasses. You lay your hands on a pair you totally love, quite similar to the one you just saw on that girl.

But wait, something isn’t right. Leave alone looking chic, you look ridiculous in them. Dejected, you come out of the store with a feeling of “Sunglasses don’t suit me” playing in your head.

Sounds familiar?

Keep away the disappointment, as I am going to guide you through the perfect sunglasses that would go with the shape of your face.

I’m sure the first question that is coming to your mind is, “How do I know my face shape?”

There is a very simple way to find that out. All you need to do is stand in front of the mirror with your hair tied. Trace an outline of your face with a lipstick on the mirror. What shape did u find?

There are seven basic face shapes: Round, Square, Heart and Oval, Oblong, Triangle and Diamond.


You know you have a round face when your face- width and length are of the same proportions.

Try the rectangular and horizontal shaped frames. They tend to camouflage the full cheeks and make your face appear longer and thinner.

Avoid short frames that accentuate the face length.

Rectangular shades for a round shaped face
Rectangular shades for a round shaped face


This refers to an angular face with strong jaw-line. The forehead is usually broad accompanied by a square chin.

Try oval and round frames. They complement your facial- cut.

Avoid geometric and square shaped frames. They accentuate the angles of your face.


When you have a broad forehead and wide cheek bones that narrow down to a small chin, you have a heart shaped face.

Try bottom heavy frames as they add width to the lower face. You could also try narrow, round frames to soften the forehead.

Avoid top heavy styles or decorative temples that emphasize the broad upper face.

Top heavy frames


People with this facial shape have their chin slightly lower than forehead. In addition, they have high cheekbones.

If you happen to have an oval face, you are lucky because most frame shapes would look good on you.

Just try avoiding frames that are too large for your features.


If you have an oblong face, you have a face longer than its width. It is characterized with high cheekbones, a longer nose and tall forehead.

Try wearing tall frames that gives an impression of a shorter face.

Avoid small frames that are out of proportion. They tend to accentuate the face length.

The Classic Aviator Shades


Triangle-shaped people have a narrow forehead and eye line that widen at the cheeks and the chin.

Semi-rimless frames look perfect as they accentuate the upper face. Try the top heavy styles that balance the width of the jaw.

Avoid narrow frames that are out of proportion.


You tend to have a face which is narrow at the eye line and the jaw line with a small forehead and chin. The features are angular ending with dramatic cheekbones.

Try cat eye shapes that accentuate cheek bones. Oval frames look great as they maintain a balance.

Avoid narrow frames as they draw attention to the narrow eye line.


Following these simple rules I bet finding the right pair of sunglasses would no longer be a Herculean task. It wouldn’t be too long before you become the next beautiful girl in those gorgeous shades, making heads turn.

For the final touch- keep that gorgeous smile on and stay stylish. Do not forget to leave your comments and suggestions.


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